Research Center (CRSD)

Centre for Research in Sustainable Development


The Centre for Research in Sustainable Development (CRSD) of National Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka is a non-profit research body that is committed to research that contributes to a broad sustainability agenda. We are an active policy research institute that is involved in conducting cutting-edge research into sustainable development. Our work covers a wide range including poverty, agriculture and rural development, the water, energy and transport sectors, urban planning, social development, information and communication technologies and national policy activities.  

We aim to continue to deliver high quality cutting edge research in sustainable development in the context of developing countries and more specifically research that is relevant to Bangladesh . The Centre was established in 2009 to support development organisations and communities in the face of economic, environmental and social challenges. We have been involved in many development research initiatives around the country. Today, the Centre is a non-profit policy research organisation involved in sustainable development research as well as providing an information exchange and academic network in Bangladesh . The Centre specializes in innovation in sustainable development research. It is devoted to the ongoing communication of its findings as it engages decision-makers in business, government, non-government organizations and other sectors. The CRSD is proud of its diverse, multi-talented team of staff and associates located in different countries. Through its dynamic portfolio of programs and projects, the Centre would like to further develop partnerships with organizations all over the world. In most developing countries, economic growth in the past was given priority over poverty alleviation and often environmental quality quality standards were deliberately sacrificed. National or regional environmental problems such as deforestation, land degradation, urban pollution, wildlife extinction and the substantial reduction of marine life stocks have often been the consequence.


Responsible and informed actions towards sustainable future


The CRSD is committed to excellence in sustainable development research, policy advocacy, and the provision of industry consultation to key stakeholders derived from the industry and organisational networks established through the CRSD and other stakeholders.