Message from Principal

Welcome to the National Polytechnic Institute (NPI) website. I hope your visit to this website will be impressive, informative, meaningful and beneficial.

National Polytechnic Institute (NPI), the largest private polytechnic in Bangladesh, was established in 2001 with the goals of providing high quality technical education and training for developing skill human resources. The objective was to meet the demand of skill technical personnel for the growing industrialization of the country as well as to make opportunities of getting jobs in the international market for earning foreign currency. Another key objective was to provide the diploma graduates for studying B.Sc Engineering in Universities home and abroad. This institution has been able to accomplish much of these intents and constantly strives to make the procedures more effective.

The institute has grown rapidly and currently has more than 4,000 students. Many of NPI graduates have obtained admission in Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) and in many private universities of the country. Many graduates of NPI have been employed in different offices and industries under public and private sectors. Our graduates are contributing in many aspect of national building.

The NPI faculty members, with degrees from public and foreign universities, are the most qualified teachers in comparison with any public or private polytechnic in Bangladesh.

As you browse through the NPI website, I hope you will get the distinct impression that NPI is a quality institution and it walks the extra mile in terms of infrastructure, facilities and most importantly imparting technical knowledge to provide a world class technical education with highly qualified faculty in background, expertise and credentials. NPI will do more in the future with resolve, vision and conscientiousness.