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To implement the slogan "Practical education is the main precondition of employment" our mission and vision is to teach our students technical education board on modern technology and practical education in our country which was originated by the blood of freedom was. It was established in 2001 and is very successful to implement technical education  affiliated by BTEB (Bangladesh Technical education Board) and is running National polytechnic Institute (Diploma-in-Engineering Curriculum) in Dhaka, Manikgonj,Faridpur through best and outstanding result the institute has been placed one of the best polytechnic institute in the realm of Diploma-in-Engineering. Running National Polytechnic Institute is the practical, modern, Exceptional, Modern and co-educational institute helps the student to be self-dragnet, prestigious and humanitarian to expose the entry into their practical lives. Every student builds his life through honesty, liberality, patriotism, discipline and become a good citizen by practicing and following these, above all unfold their creative mind, I will book get the main pleasure and the main success of our institute.