Hello and Welcome

In this age of information revolution resulting from technological development, the need for Web-site development is extremely important for an academic institution like Polytechnic Institute to operate effectively in the global economy. The linkage with the modern knowledge development in different fields occurring in different parts of the world can help a Polytechnic to update its programs. Moreover, a Polytechnic can familiarize its academic and technological development activities to the outside world with the help of its Web site.

This is the first time; the Web site of the National Polytechnic Institute, Faridpur Polytechnic Institute is going to start its activities with building the linkage of global world. Necessary pictorial presentations have also been made in the Web site. I believe, we can build up a better linkage with the outside world through this Web site. May I take this opportunity to express my heartiest thanks to those who left no stone unturned for developing the new Website? I hope, we shall be able to provide more information about our Polytechnic through this Web site with the passage of time.