Faridpur Campus

National Polytechnic Institute Faridpur :

National Polytechnic Institute, Faridpur campus is situated at Kamalapur, Faridpur very convenient for communication from all corners of the city. It locates just near to old campus of Rajendra University College and Faridpur Polytechnic Institute. 

The mailing address, telephone numbers, Fax and e-mail are:
116, Eidgah Sarak, Kamlapur, Faridpur
Tel: 0631-65191
Mobile:01712-074926, 01711-349947, 01711-855030
Paul Shyamal Halder

Diploma-in-Engineering Program:

SI No. Technology Enrollment Capacity
1. Computer Technology 60
2. Civil Technology 120
3. Electrical Technology 60
4. Electronics Technology 60
5. Architecture Technology 60