Features of NPIs

Now NPI has gradually become an international reputed largest govt. approved private Polytechnic Institute in the country.

►International Standard largest Private Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh
►NPI does not compromise in respect of quality
►Internationally reputed technical academicians are engaged in Chief Advisor, Principals, Counselor and Advisors
►Academic activities are conducted by more than hundred highly qualified, efficient and experienced teachers what other Private Polytechnics do not posses.

►A substantial number of experienced and well-versed retired Polytechnic Teachers are engaged in teaching-learning activities of NPIs.
►National Polytechnic Institutes are tastefully and adequately furnished and equipped to suit appropriate teaching-learning.
►Efferent higher educated experience and dedicated teachers staff the institutes.
►NPIs are committed to produce skill Mid-level Engineers with minimum Tuition Fees compared to other Private Polytechnic Institutes.
►Computer Labs. are fully Air Cooled providing one computer for every student.
►Multi-Media, OHP and other modern Instructional Aids are used in conducting classes.
►ICT Labs are facilitated with high speed broad band internet.
►Uninterrupted Electric Supply is provided by own generating station.
►Drinking water is supplied from own Home Water Treatment Plant